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  • GorgeousDoodles Family 2007
    GorgeousDoodles Family 2007
    Addison holding Penelope a Labradoodle
    Addison holding Penelope a Labradoodle
    Gorgeousdoodles Kristina Breeder in Utah
    Gorgeousdoodles Kristina Breeder in Utah

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If you want to secure your opportunity to adopt a Labradoodle puppy from the next litter and for your choice of pup, you need to submit a deposit of $500. All deposit money is applied toward the puppy.

To secure your choice of puppy from a future litter please send a deposit of $500, which will be applied toward the final cost. I prefer to receive funds via Acceptance Mark by clicking the Buy Now button, below. However, a U.S. Dollar postal money order or a cashier's check is also accepted, and can be mailed to my address. Thank you!


puppies adorable labradoodle puppiespuppies adorable labradoodle puppies

puppies adorable labradoodle puppies


labradoodle new born puppieslabradoodle new born puppies

labradoodle new born puppies