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  • GorgeousDoodles Family 2007
    GorgeousDoodles Family 2007
    Addison holding Penelope a Labradoodle
    Addison holding Penelope a Labradoodle
    Gorgeousdoodles Kristina Breeder in Utah
    Gorgeousdoodles Kristina Breeder in Utah

Types of Labradoodles

Sire GorgeousDoodles Rocky Rockwell RokSire GorgeousDoodles Rocky Rockwell Rok

Sire GorgeousDoodles Rocky Rockwell Rok


The coat and temperament is the unique features of this Breed, and sets it apart from any other breed.

There are huge distinctive characteristic differences from a first-generation Doodles or goldendoodles to the Australian Multi-Generation Labradoodles, that are superior.

All of our Doodles and Puppies are multigenerational Australian Labradoodles.

The LABRADOODLE ORIGINATED in Australian in the early 80’s. Bred to be a Allergy Friendly, Non-Shedding, Gentle Service Guide Dog for the Blind. Now after years of selective breeding, and adhering to guidelines to create the Special Temperament and Healthy Genetic Qualities are what makes a Australian Labradoodles out- standingley superior.

FIRST-GENERATION Breeding a Labrador to a Standard Poodle creates a F1 FIRST-Generation; often looks a lot like a wavy to wire longer coat Labrador. Coat texture is a hair/Lab fur coat blend and feels more like wire terrier dog fur. Will shed and are not hypoallergenic. Look’s and characteristics and temperament are Not the same as the (many generations) Australian Labradoodle dogs.

SECOND-GENERATION Breeding a F1 Labradoodle to a Standard Poodle creates a Second-Generation that is called F1B Labradoodles. Most do have Low Shedding Coats. Coat Texture is Hair/fleece or Wool/Blend. Still Not the same Looks and Temperament as the Australian Labradoodle Dogs.

MULTI-GENERATION The Highest Qualities and Characteristics are found in the Australian Multi-Generation Labradoodles. A Excellent Temperament Is Very Loyal, Gentle and Friendly personality that is securely establish. A Healthy Dog due to going back to the Aussie Labradoodle that was bred from generation of health test breeding dogs. Begin with the healthiest English Labradors and European healthiest Swedish Poodles. Adding a secret blend of cockapoo’s ( small % ) for a uniquely Nice Temperament, with a very gorgeous Coat which is guaranteed a non-fur and non-shedding and no body odor. Highly likely to be pet fur allergy friendly.

# The Australian Multi-Generations Labradoodle comes from several generations of breeding Labradoodles to Labradoodles and cross breeding back to the health tested Poodle to guarantee a great coat. Creating a unique coat texture. The Australian Labradoodles have the ultimate coat. The Fleece/Wool blended coat is very unusual loopy spiraling curls. This coat is preferred by many, (see Penelope as an example of this coat). This texture should be quite similar “to an Angora goat, appearing to contain a silky lanolin”. It should be wavy and forming light loose spirals. The coat is usually 3 to 4 or 5 inches. The Pure Fleece coat has a distinctly Soft Wavy Curls is very beautiful and easily maintained (see Escade at our female breeding page).

Excellent Temperament A good doodle temperament is quick to learner with training. Extremely good natured,very very Loyal, sociable, friendly, active, athletic, clever, timid towards strangers, playful and gentle with children. Australia Labradoodles inherit the most desirable characteristics of its forebears, making them a long living happy-go-lucky dog with the added vitality of hybrid vigor and genetic soundness of mind and body.

We breed all size Doodles, Mini, Medium, Standard & BIG Doodles too .

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Folks describe their Labradoodles as smart, wonderfully happy, gentle, charming, goofy fun, friendly, very loyal, sensitive, enthusiastic, and cuddly and loving!

The base of the breed is the Labrador and poodle, But a true Australian Multi-gene Labradoodle is a little complicated a Quote Angela Cunningham, owner of Australia-based Tegan Park Labradoodles Breeding & Research Center & daughter of owner of Ruthland Manor (which is the main Top Australian Breeders). “Australian Labradoodles have a special blend of exceptional dogs, producing what Cunningham describes as more desirable characteristics than the simple Labrador-Poodle first generation cross and are huge differences in doodles.” There is a huge difference with doodles, the Multi – Generational Australian Labradoodles are a older established breed with a interesting history that specifically originated in Australia by professional dog breeders specifically for the purpose of being hypoallergenic service animals for the blind. The dogs they used were English Labradors and Swedish Poodles and were all health tested lines. They were careful to only choose exceptional dogs to further the breed for the breed standard, confirmation and temperament – they named the breed “Labradoodles”. They bred the cockapoo and infused breeding in only to 8 to 12 generational AL mulit-gen’s. To add a unique coat and DNA healthy pedigree line. After many generations they had the exceptional Labradoodles and had secured a exceptional dog through careful breeding.

We are proud to say that all of our dogs are Australian Labradoodle Multi-Generations of registered and certified pedigreed lines in the worlds largest clubs ALAA & ALCA.

Beautiful boy Tigger La' Rue.

Beautiful boy Tigger La' Rue.

Hello Tigger La' Rue.

Hello Tigger La' Rue.

Gorgeousdoodles Tigger La' Rue.

Gorgeousdoodles Tigger La' Rue.


All our Doodles are exceptionally wonderful! Some of our Doodles live in guardian homes. Ask us about our guardian home program.

We at Gorgeousdoodles do offer a variety of color’s and sizes.

Labradoodles, red, apricot and chocolate Gorgeousdoodles puppies.Labradoodles, red, apricot and chocolate Gorgeousdoodles puppies.

Labradoodles, red, apricot and chocolate Gorgeousdoodles puppies.


~ Naturally gentle Doodles ~

“Look how wonderfully gentle a gorgeous doodle is… our labradoodle family has shared video and photos of their Doodle Scout and her Birdy friend” ~

Gorgeous Labradoodle Puppies.Gorgeous Labradoodle Puppies.

Gorgeous Labradoodle Puppies.