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  • GorgeousDoodles Family 2007
    GorgeousDoodles Family 2007
    Addison holding Penelope a Labradoodle
    Addison holding Penelope a Labradoodle
    Gorgeousdoodles Kristina Breeder in Utah
    Gorgeousdoodles Kristina Breeder in Utah




Labradoodles are for kids.Labradoodles are for kids.

Labradoodles are for kids.


It is your responsibility to train your Labradoodle puppy to have good behavior skills as he or she becomes a dog that will respond Appropriately in all situations which will ensure safe and enjoyable times for you your puppy and other people who come in contact with you and your puppy.

There are many philosophies on puppy and dog training. Some methods are based on punitive principals but the preferred methods these days are reward and praise-based.

The goal should be to communicate with your pet about the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Repetition and consistency are the keys to achieving this.

Socializing Puppy Introduce puppy to all of the sights, environments, and situations that you can

Your puppy needs to learn how to act around others and outside his home. Go to parks or hiking where there are lots of people so he learns to feel comfortable in social settings.

Disciplining Puppy You should start disciplining puppy right away. Use a firm ‘NO’ and lots of praise to differentiate between things you want him to do and don’t. Two things that puppies do by nature are bite when they play, and chew. Bite and chew , bite and chew.
When these occur, tell puppy ‘no’ emphatically and give puppy something they are allowed to chew. Reward the good behavior you like by praising puppy and give puppy a chew toys or treats.

There are lots of good book on dog training! Here are a few we recommend…

Dog Books

  • The Puppy Primer and Leader of the Pack by Patricia McConnell Ph.D. Her website has a lot of excellent resources.
    Maybe, just go to your library and check out some books …*
  • Beginning Obedience by Nikki Moustaki
  • Raising a Behaviorally Healthy Puppy by Suzanne Hetts, PhD
  • The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell
    * The Other End of the Leach by Patricia McConnell Ph.D.
    * Dogs are from Neptune by Jean Donaldson – understanding dogs
    * Dog Tricks for Dummies, by Sarah Hodgson
    * Dog Parties by Kimberly Whitman – dogie treat recipes
    good dog care book ~
  • Dog Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook by James Giff M.D.
  • Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs, Revised Edition:  Small Doses for Small Animals by Don Hamilton and Richard Pitcairn.
good bookgood book

good book


Good Puppy info: ” Puppies for Dummies”, Sharing some interesting puppy maturing stages. Click on photo to enlarge.

good pup info
good pup info
good pup info
good pup info

There are several baby growing-up -steps as your Labradoodle puppy develops into a dog. Review what the books have to say about the different stages … your Doodle pup may show some challenging stages but it is important to remember that your puppy wants to please you and it is good for your doodle to have a job to do.

It’s a perfect time to check-out some fun collars at the Dog Collar Boutique (click) find their logo & link


Happy Doodle days,
get your lovely Doodle a fun collar.

Australian Service Dog

take your puppy for car rides about 4 times weekly.

Very Good to take your puppy for car rides about 4 times weekly.

puppies adorable labradoodle puppiespuppies adorable labradoodle puppies

puppies adorable labradoodle puppies


Enjoy the delightfull-ness of Doodle love!