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  • GorgeousDoodles Family 2007
    GorgeousDoodles Family 2007
    Addison holding Penelope a Labradoodle
    Addison holding Penelope a Labradoodle
    Gorgeousdoodles Kristina Breeder in Utah
    Gorgeousdoodles Kristina Breeder in Utah

The Labradoodle Coat

good bathing gorgeousdoodle




The PURE FLEECE COAT is the ultimate coat is easily maintained. It is soft luscious with a big to small wavy curl (see Tennison below) to crimp curl that is easily brushed through and light weight, not wool or thick like a poodle and definitely *non-shedding.

The FLEECE WOOL BLEND is definitely *non-shedding. This coat is preferred by many, (see Penelope as an example of this coat). This texture should be quite similar “to a Angora goat, appearing to contain a silky lanolin”. It should be wavy and forming light loose spirals. The coat is usually 3 to 4 or 5 inches long and doesn’t tend to mat. The Fleece coat has a distinctly soft, loopy spirals it feels like no other dog coat.

The WOOL COAT is somewhat poodle like which requires regular grooming is non-shedding and allergy, asthma friendly. This is a thicker tight curl coat. A Wool Fleece blend is a distinctly nice unusual coat as well.

The HAIR COAT is soft silky and flat to straight with medium waviness. Has a cute fluffy longer coat look. Regular brushing is recommended. Minimal to non- shedding.

The Multi-gene Australian Labradoodle always have the ultimate coat. Due to many years of breeding and the uniqueness of the Australian doodle produces a usually textured coat. It should be silky- soft waves and or light loopy spirals very nice Fleece coat and Fleece wool blend.

Coat Colors: Chalk White (like Penelope pix above) , Cream Gold,  Red , Apricot, Chocolate, Caramel, Caffé Latte, Black , Silver and Parti Doodle coats have the markings.

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Parti Doodle coat is white with cute markings.

Red & white Parti Doodle

Gorgeousdoodles Parti Doodle Puppies.Gorgeousdoodles Parti Doodle Puppies.

Gorgeousdoodles Parti Doodle Puppies.



A Gorgeousdoodles Elegant chocolate Labradoodle at her lovely family home in CA.A Gorgeousdoodles Elegant chocolate Labradoodle at her lovely family home in CA.

A Gorgeousdoodles Elegant chocolate Labradoodle at her lovely family home in CA.

Look, red, chocolate, golden blond and black Australian Labradoodles in all sizes.Look, red, chocolate, golden blond and black Australian Labradoodles in all sizes.

Look, red, chocolate, golden blond and black Australian Labradoodles in all sizes.

Grand Donte'
after a shorter coat style.. his coat feels like velvet.Grand Donte’
after a shorter coat style.. his coat feels like velvet.

Grand Donte'
after a shorter coat style.. his coat feels like velvet.

Gorgeousdoodles Tigger La' Rue.Gorgeousdoodles Tigger La’ Rue.

Gorgeousdoodles Tigger La' Rue.


As your Labradoodle puppy develops their adult coat and out of their puppy coat at about 6 to 12 months. Doodle coat will start to thicken and mat, this is the time to start grooming. IMPORTANT: cut the puppy coat off with scissors. Don’t let a groomer use clippers and or shave the puppy coat. When pup coat is changing to their adult coat Puppy may loss a little hair and the coat may become lighten or darken. A change in curl or wavy will happen as the coat matures. Do NOT shave puppy coat off!

Click on this picture link below to see the entire Grooming Guide! 

In addition we have our GorgeousDoodle preferences and tips as well :

When your Doodle is about 14 months old they will have their adult coat and then body and legs can be shaved with clippers if needed.  We usually only try to use the shavers on the tummy and sanitary areas but scissor cut everywhere else.  It is important is to know your groomer or have a groomer that is recommended. Your groomer should be easy to talk with and be OK with you staying with your doodle and watching etc… if you ask to stay with your Doodle and watch and they don’t want you to or will not let you stay…. I wouldn’t use that groomer.  Ask to see photos of other Doodles they have groomed, etc.

I would always bring in my own shampoo & conditioner to the groomer and tell them to never put sprays or put other stuff on my dogs. I recommend to NEVER BLOW DRY Doodle coats, not good for their skin and sometimes poodle brushes and blow dry will leave a frizzy mess, we prefer the air dry for the look of natural curl with a shimmer!

The best shampoos and conditioners are super important…Doodles have sensitive skin. I don’t like my dogs blown with a blow dryer. You don’t want to over shampoo or use harsh shampoos on your Doodle as this can cause their sensitive skin to become dry.

It is always important to leave their coat longer on head, face and tail. It looks good if tail is full and top of head is full and ears are trimmed up.  Don’t shave their face.  I always talk with the groomer and give them firm instructions. No shaving the face or ears or paws or tail. We groom our dogs ourselves.


We sometimes leave the legs a little longer ( with poodles it is called leaving the pants on) and or leave their paws and ankles with a bit longer coat. It can be fun to give them a whole new look with a little different cut.

Buy wide tooth combs and open wirer brush. and the scissors with around tips..

It is a fun coat, that you can leave long and just carefully trim around faces. Take to a groomer and you can have a full groom cut down to a inch or two or what ever you want. Its a fun change and your Labradoodle looks a lot different for a little while. It is a good idea in Summer season hot weather to give them a full short body and legs cut. We would love to see photos of before and after grooming of your Doodle.

We recommend using a very mild people shampoo like Jason or Natures Gate or we use Doc Ackerman’s Dog & Cat shampoo. Other good soap is Dr. Bronner’s Pure-castile tea tree oil or peppermint it must be diluted. And some mild cream rinse. Bath 3 to 5 weeks or only when needed.  Here are some pictures of our favorite high moisture great smelling shampoos and conditioners, very mild!!


Most Labradoodles love water and are pretty easy to bathe or take swimming. Bath and cream rinse after swimming. – Also clean ears after swimming!

recommended shampoosrecommended shampoos

recommended shampoos

good product to care for doodle coatgood product to care for doodle coat

good product to care for doodle coat


The coat is one of the unique features of this Breed, and sets it apart from any other breeds.

Australian Labradoodles  have no body odor, they do not require constant bathing and brushing, which is great for all types of owners. Is highly possible that the non- fur fleece and wool textures coat of the Australian Labradoodle is less likely to cause any pet allergic reactions.

*Non-shedding coat guarantee definition: (Webster’s- definition of shedding; to shed a natural growth Continually to drop off or fall out, to pour out, give off, always replacing, emit)

Doodles May Have Some Low Hair Loss Between Winter And Summer. Labradoodles will have some very low hair (breakage) loss. Just like humans can have low hair loss. But that is not shedding.

Love Doodle say
"Above all Peace to all"Love Doodle say
“Above all Peace to all”

Love Doodle say
"Above all Peace to all"


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