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    GorgeousDoodles Family 2007
    Addison holding Penelope a Labradoodle
    Addison holding Penelope a Labradoodle
    Gorgeousdoodles Kristina Breeder in Utah
    Gorgeousdoodles Kristina Breeder in Utah

Holistic Puppy-Dog Food & Treats

First and foremost, it is very important that you feed your dog a quality dog food.  All dog foods are not created equal.  Make sure that you ask your vet for the latest recommendations at every veterinarian appointment as we are continually learning about new research and best species appropriate recommendations to optimize your dogs health and longevity!  We offer our recommendations and advise based on the current information and experience we have accumulated over the years.  Your vet may have new recommendations based on the latest research studies which are ongoing.

There are many brands and it can be confusing so to keep it simple we have done the research for you to make everything easy!

The better the ingredients, the better your dog’s digestion, the shinier their coat, and in many cases, the longer their life!

We have researched dog foods, and have found that there are companies using high quality human grade, holistic ingredients.  Foods that are not made with fillers and poor quality ingredients, but foods that will contribute to helping your dog live a long and healthy life.

I have discovered Steves Real Food, ( we only buy the Beef) for a yummy treat and supplement for taste, and our doodles love it!  We feel very comfortable recommending it and it is made in Oregon, my home state!  It can be crumbled and sprinkled on kibble or used as a special treat.  It can also be fed as a concentrated food source as recommended by Steves.

Not all kibble is created equal!

We try to stay up to date on the latest reviews of dog foods to recommend.  Some of the foods that have had consistently great reviews are:  Steve’s Real Food and Earthborn Puppy Vantage, these are what your puppy will start out on.   As your puppies gets older we highly recommend Steves Real Food Freeze Dried Beef as treat and crumbled (not wet) onto kibble foods like Earthborn flavors Great Plains, Meadows, Coastal Catch or Rabbit.  Blue Buffalo or Orijen (Regional Red) also have some good kibbles. Steves is a very rich food so use small amounts. Royal Canine come highly recommended by many vets that we work with.  It is important to gradually wean your puppy off the puppy kibble, below you will find detailed instructions.  We never feed any Pork products or pork treats.  

These foods will cost a little more, but you feed less as your dog’s digestive system absorbs more of the nutrients.  You usually see less stools as well.  The cost of the food may initially seem high, but usually you are feeding less than you would if you were purchasing a grocery store food.   Your dog is a loved family member and deserves to be fed a quality rich food that will keep him or her in the best possible health for a very, very long time!

Recommended Dog & Puppy Food & Treats

We highly recommend Earthborn Puppy food, click to review their site! 

For the puppies first four it is best to keep your puppy on the same food and gradually mix in a good all stages adult dog food after 5 to 6 months of age. 

  • Important Puppy Food to buy ~ : small size 15 lbs bags –  Earthborn Puppy food, till about 5 to 6 months old then you may start feeding ( in a seperate bowl)  a little at a time (1/4 of cup at first) Earthborn Great Plains or Earthborn Meadow as adult food  … To order online go:   online orders use Only Natural Pet.
  • Feed both Earthborn Puppy &  and Earthborn Great Plains or Meadow (or a little of both) till 8 to 12 months old.
    Then start to wean off puppy food.
  • Steve’s Freeze Dried Beef
    Super good Treat & you can add to kibble.

      •  We recommend Steve’s (made in Oregon) click to review Steve’s site.This is a good dog food and excellent treat… we break it up and sprinkle it in with Earthborn Great Plains, Meadows or Orijen Regional Red for a rich quality adult kibble mix.  Steve’s Beef is also a excellent training treat for puppies!

      • Orijen dog food.Orijen dog food.

        Orijen dog food.


      • Best to buy small bags of dog food that are 15lbs to start with, especially when introducing new food and protein sources, start small and gradually add more to mix.

    Trachea chew treatsTrachea chew treats

    Trachea chew treats


    Recommended Chew Treat

    We highly recommend you research (the quality) of your dog food!
    Best Colorado dog food store is DogMa in Evergreen, click above to go see.

     Recommended Dog & Puppy Food feeding schedule

  • Daily feeding for the first TWO months: is
    half a-cup for two times in morning and a 1/4 a of a-cup two times in afternoon and early evening,  …will be a good daily diet for your young puppy.
  • When Puppy eats all the kibble in 1o minutes (or less)  it maybe time to give puppy a little more food.
  • We recommend when puppy is about 5 to 6 months old to start feeding your puppy a-little ( start with just a few kibbles ) some Earthborn Great Plains.
    Important to feed in separate bowl.
  • ~Colorado folks may want to find Dogma pet Store in Evergreen, great prices.~ For online orders use Only Natural Pet.
  • Supplements : Plain Whole Milk or goat Yogurt a couple TLB. spoons a few times a week. A couple TLB. spoons of organic cooked Pumpkin mixed with 1/8 of cup of cooked red meat a couple times a week as a very healthy treat.

Do NOT Mix wet food with Dry dog Food Kibble, it can create digestion problems, and it’s a choking hazard.