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  • GorgeousDoodles Family 2007
    GorgeousDoodles Family 2007
    Addison holding Penelope a Labradoodle
    Addison holding Penelope a Labradoodle
    Gorgeousdoodles Kristina Breeder in Utah
    Gorgeousdoodles Kristina Breeder in Utah

Pet Allergy Concerns

There is quite-a bit of misinformation on the internet regarding the Labradoodle .

If your concerns are allergies, shedding or odor, please research all information you can find.

This data was gathered & recorded over almost seventeen years and taken from more than four thousand Labradoodles, and several thousand families suffering from dog related allergies.

Please note that research undertaken has been anecdotal. As at 2006 there has been no known scientific study done on Labradoodles and their effect or lack of, on allergy sufferers. The following are the results of Rutland Manor’s (top AUSTRALIAN BREEDER) research todate.

A Conclusion by Australian Research Breeders

Shedding and Allergies: There has been no definitive relationship established between shedding and allergy friendliness.

Some people are allergic to dog saliva. There is no documented difference between the saliva of the Labradoodle and any other dog breed. A Labradoodle is no more allergy friendly to a person allergic to dog saliva than is any other breed.

Coat types and Allergies. Labradoodles with hair textured coat are more likely to aggravate allergies than are Labradoodles with the Wool of true Fleece coat. If one parent is a Labrador it is almost certain that most of the puppies in the litter will have hair coats.

Fleece coats are very rare in early generation Labradoodles. It is not impossible to get an occasional Fleece coat in an early generation Labradoodle but it is extremely rare to do so.

Puppies which shed will also shed as adults. However many hair coat puppies do not shed as a puppy and do shed as adults.

Short wavy/wiry or hair coats will shed as adults.